Phonix S.p.A is an Italian company based in Milan, recognized among the leading companies in the smartphone accessories market.As distributors, we are committed to offering our customers a fast and efficient service, by offering quality products under the Phonix brand, or, thanks to our graphic team, by studying and creating a Private Label with name, graphic layout and colors completely customizable by the customer. Thanks to the internal production of the packaging we are able to package, process and fulfill orders in a very short time. This prerogative represents the first great advantage of being our Partner, because it allows you to be always present and updated on the shops shelves, even with the latest news.


In recent years, the smartphone accessories market has changed radically; due to the huge spread of smartphones and the growing development and use of online shopping platforms together with the competitive prices at which the items are sold on them, accessories have become a real consumer good, and the focus of the customer moved to the actual convenience of the product and its value for money, rather than its appearance or presentation. While this poses a threat to many vendors in our industry, In Phonix we believe that change brings with it several opportunities; Our vision is that it is the substance that makes the difference, for this reason, our products are offered with a simple but eye-catching packaging, complete with short but exhaustive descriptions, with the aim of highlighting and showing the customer the extraordinary convenience of our products.
Price is Phonix’s great competitive advantage
The great experience acquired and the strong relationships enstablished with suppliers allow us to create and offer products of certified quality and safety at a much lower price than our competitors.


Today Phonix S.p.A is one of the most important distributors of smartphone accessories in Italy. The great experience and professionalism acquired over time allows us to be established within the most prestigious shops throughout the country. More than 20 partners and 500 5-star reviews testify to the appreciation our customers have of Phonix products, not only for the significantly lower price compared to other brands, but also for the quality and durability of our accessories.