Our company features advanced systems for the packaging production  inside of the logistic center; this allows us, together with the internal graphics department, to study and optimize the packaging for each type of accessory in a short time. Private Label: tthe internal management of the entire packaging process is certainly one of our main strengths, because it opens up the possibility of studying and creating a customizable packaging line with the customer’s own brand by following the style guides that are provided to us or, thanks to our qualified graphic team, by creating the layout that suits the customer’s needs the best.


The internal production of the packaging is made possible by digital printers among the most advanced on the market. Being able to internally print cardboard, plastic or PVC packaging allows us not only to significantly speed up the production, avoiding the slowdown that would be incurred by relying on an external printer, but above all to optimize stocks and limit waste, allowing us to considerably reduce costs and offer unbeatable prices to the customer,  with as little impact on the environment as possible.


Once the layout has been outlined and the packaging printed, the product is packaged and then shipped or stored in our warehouses. Thanks to an efficient and technological packaging system, consisting of multi-station packaging machines, the packaging team is able to reach a production capacity of 7000 pieces per day, and consequently to process orders consisting of large quantity of products in a short time. At Phonix we want to be involved in the fight against the enviroment’s pollution, and to do so we are equipping our plants with machines for packaging products in paper, cardboard and biodegradable plastic packs.


Our warehouses, located in Ferrara and compliant with current regulations on safety in the workplace, extend over an area of ​​3000 square meters and allow us to stock up to 2 million pieces. We strongly believe that a close-knit team is the key to the proper functioning of a company, which is why we have invested in the creation of shared spaces within our operational headquarters, where every member of Phonix is ​​involved in the life of the company, can express themselves and propose their ideas.